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A popular UK Deathcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The band lineup consists of Oliver Sykes (Vocals), Lee Malia and Curtis Ward (Guitars), Matt Keane (Bass) and Matt Nichols (Drums). Their 2005 demo "This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For" helped to popularize Extreme Metalcore and Deathcore in the UK. Metal publications have largely praised their technical ability; Metal Hammer magazine claimed that it had "more face-peeling riffs than most bands twice their age". The band has toured extensively, both as support acts and headliners, as well as playing renound UK rock festival Download.

However, as a band who have profited largely from mainstream and modern musical mediums and marketing techniques - the use of social networking sites, coverage from mainstream rock publications - and their contemporary teen look, they often come under fire from heavy metal purists who claim that they're a band liked by those who want to appear more metal than they really are (thus falling under the designation colliquially known as "scene kids"). Despite the band's best efforts, this image has stuck; indeed, their crowds are notorious for a by-and-large absence of moshing, often ignoring frontman Oli Sykes' encouragement to do so. Also, as they play a derivative of metalcore, they're associated with a very elitist sense of having "watered down" standard Death Metal.
Bring me the Horizon Discography as of time of writing:
2005 - This is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For
2006 - Count Your Blessings
by Alloflifedecays March 03, 2008
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