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Curtis is the former guitarist of the deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon. He worked with them on their EP This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For, and for their first two albums Count Your Blessings and the amazing Suicide Season. Curtis was born deaf in one ear, and partially blind. As he could not afford earplugs every time he was playing he was damaging his other ear, which developed a bad ringing in it, which increased every time he played so much that he ended up having to smoke weed just to get him high enough to sleep at night.

Curtis was in a Metallica tribute band with Bring Me The Horizon lead guitarist Lee Malia (also Curtis' best friend) before they were in Bring Me The Horizon.

Curtis left Bring Me The Horizon after the Taste Of Chaos tour in America.
Stupid person: 'Curtis Ward is just a pretty face, he doesn't care about his music, he just cares about the haircut!'

Normal person: 'Fuck off, Curtis is damaging his hearing and giving up so much for this music, so if you think otherwhise you can go fuck yourself because you have no clue what shit he has been through!'
by artgenbheijin March 29, 2009
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From South Yorkshire, Curtis is the guitarist in British band Bring Me The Horizon. He's a big Metallica fan. Although he likes living with his mom, he thinks that 21 is too old to have someone telling you to turn your music down. His best friend is Lee Malia, and they are in a Metallica tribute band called Fifth Column.
Curtis is deaf in one ear and partially blind in one eye. In his good ear, he has developed tinnitus (a continuous ringing sound) that has been getting louder and higher pitched. Due to his financial situation, he can't afford to get proper earplugs, so he continues playing music without one, slowly destroying his hearing. The tinnitus is so severe, he has to smoke enough weed to pass out just to sleep at night.
Curtis is very nice, quite funny, and just generally a nice person.
Person 1: Who's the guitarist in BMTH who's going deaf?
Person 2: Oh, that's Curtis Ward.
by imonfireeee February 23, 2009
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one of three guitarists from the British, heavy metal/deathcore group Bring me the Horizon (BMTH) sometimes called a posser or sellout by douches but obviously isnt. he likes metalica, and is medium heigt, skinny, black hair, sometimes long sometimes not, has ear gauges, and no visible tattoos, and his philosophy in life is to "moan alot."
"I saw Curtis Ward during the Kerrang day of Rock."
by guylinergirl73 March 15, 2007
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