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Hippies are peace loving, dick sucking, assholes. The think that no matter the enviroment should be saved at the expense of normal people. Normal places of sightings include: vegetarian cafes, Ralph Nader rallies, protests, San Francisco, Porltand, Oregon, Greenwich Village, New York, France, Europe, poetry readings, pot circles, shitty music festivals, gay bars, tied to trees, flag burning parties, Reed College, UC-Berkley, any college, and jail
Hippies Suck Ass Dude
by Allen Oh March 28, 2005

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Allen Oh, an well known asian is retarded.
Allen Oh is a retard.
by Allen Oh January 19, 2005

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A very disgusting image found at www.tubgirl.com. A woman shooting a massive amount of shit out of her vagina. Trick your friends into going to it. Also suggested: www.lemonparty.org
Tubgirl is the favorite website of Allen Oh and Taylor Soper.
by Allen Oh January 19, 2005

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a muscle enhancing nut shrinker
by allen oh April 05, 2005

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see-- faggot

synonems --- pita puffer, rod polisher, ass pirate, cock sucker, ass loggers, butt munchers, fudge packer, ass hunter, dick licker, stool pusher
allen oh is a commie bastard north korean
by allen oh March 29, 2005

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The most hippy-infested, dirty, fat, poor, pathetic, shit pit in the US. It is full of people who just sit around and get stoned and protest and listen to U2. No one has any fucking idea how to do anything.
Oregon is the armpit of the US.
by Allen Oh March 29, 2005

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