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when a girl is flat chested and the only reason she has boobs is because of the push up bra or padding in the bra.
Hey Allen that chick is AllBra and no tit.
by Allen Brand March 07, 2007

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a SKUNK 69ER IS when your in the 69er postion with the guy on top and just before she stops you fart on her face spraying your dirty smell just like a skunk. also you can do the wet skunk 69er thats when you fart but also spray a little bit of shit in her face.
last night your mum and i were going down on each other so i gave her a skunk 69er she loved to breath that shit in.
by Allen Brand March 08, 2007

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A Fiftycent bitch is a dirty slut that after you have sex with her you flick her fiftycents just so she knows that you used her and she is a worthless hoe.
Last night i took that fiftycent bitch home soon as was done flick her fifty cents and told her to get out.
by Allen Brand March 08, 2007

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