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When someone opens a can or bottle but only drinks 1-2 sips then forgets it.
Only drinking a sip of a drink and forgetting about it.

Latin Potum-iners meaning Drink lazy
"Who pummed this drink? it's barely touched!"
"Dont invite the Smith's they're a bunch of pummers,they never finish their drinks!"
"My kids are huge pummers, they never finish their drinks!"
by Alexander williams December 09, 2013

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The feeling of being pissed off and exhausted because you had to cancel something.
I'm so flished because I had to cancel my flight. Now I have to stay home.

Pat worked extra hours to finish a project. He's so flished that he couldn't see his girl instead.
by Alexander Williams November 21, 2005

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It's when all of a sudden a dork makes a change to his life/style and he thinks he's cool and superior to all and allows himself to be rude to others. Deep down, he's still a dork. It's similar to an AFC trying to become a PUA.
Ozren came to school with gel in his hair and nice clothes. Now he doesn't talk to his old friends. He is deeply affected by the rockstar syndrome.
by Alexander Williams November 30, 2005

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