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1. The celebration (on a chosen day) of your length of friendship with a particular friend. Like an anniversary but without the promise of sex afterwards.

2. Acknowledging the tenure of friendship you've had with someone by arranging a special "hang-out" day.

3. A platonic date to honor your friendship.

"Hazel and I are celebrating our freniversary by going out to dinner at CPK then watching a movie."

"Dude did you know we've been friends now for over 6 years?"

"No way! We should have a freniversary to celebrate how awesome we are!"
by Alethea P February 19, 2009
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1. An ice cold bitch. A mash up of the words "bitch and popsicle." Also known as an ice queen/princess.
"So I tried asking out Rebecca but she said no. What a bitchsicle!"
by Alethea P February 23, 2009
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adj. The overwhelmed feeling you get, when you're suddenly instant messaged by several people all at the same time.

Unexpectedly being IMed by lots of people all at once, and feeling annoyed because how you have to reply to five people instead of just one.
"I'm feeling pretty imbushed tonight... too many IMs!"
by Alethea P March 03, 2009
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