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1. An A-Hole who dresses up at football games.
2. The majority of professional football fans found in prision.
3. A reason to riot regardless of the outcome of a football game.
1. Raider fans Theodus and lewis put makeup on from mom's purse to go to the football game and urinate on miami fans.
2. Bill was beaten half to death by raider fan while cheering on the bucs while serving time for a dwi.
3. Raider fan was not to be denied an opportunity to burn a McDonalds regardless of the outcome of the superbowl.
by Al Davis January 29, 2003

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All Raider supporters the day after being humiliated in the superbowl.
Sooner or later...We are all Raider Haters said Rich Gannon to Tim Brown.
by Al Davis February 26, 2003

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Eddie Kennison's only fan.
You'd have to be cmh6476 to believe the Chiefs are going anywhere this season...
by Al Davis April 01, 2003

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