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A band that is not and cannot be "emo." "Emo" is a word created to further the delineation of all music into tiny, highly-specified categories. It is a false label, much as "grunge" was in the early 1990's. Moreover, it is a recent term, new within the past year or two, while Weezer's Blue Album was released in 1994, quite a long time before some recording industry advertising hack created the term "emo." Weezer, having predated "emo" by a number of years, cannot therefore be "emo."
Weezer plays rock music, much the same as most all other "emo," "punk," "metal," etc. bands.
by Akusai September 14, 2003

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(1) A car with one headlight out.
(2) A driving game that involves pointing out cars with a single headlight in order to get girls in the car naked. Rules vary car to car.
"Hey, let's play perdiddle and get The Bagel naked!"
by Akusai November 20, 2003

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Entropy personified.
Kaicy is crazy.
by Akusai September 17, 2003

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A fat, fat, stupid man, who is fat.
Do not feed the Cline.
by Akusai September 17, 2003

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