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A supremely more offensive version of thingamajigger, a midwesterner term for almost any noun. Perfect for insertion into conversation with your african-american friends!
Bob: So, I was fixing the sink, when this thingamanigger fell out of the pipe, and now I can't figure out where it goes!
Joe: That sucks! Let's go burn a cross in the neighbor's yard.
by Aj.Hatch June 01, 2010
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To take a seriously hardcore nap in a man-nest, commonly referred to as the papasan. Papasans are the best chairs ever.
John: I'm gonna go pop a zon, see ya
Rick: Man, I wish I wasn't stuck with an armchair.
by Aj.Hatch September 24, 2009
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To give salutations to someone.
John: Salutations!
Rick: What the hell are you doing?
John: Don't overreact, I just wanted to salutate you!
by Aj.Hatch October 14, 2009
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The act of an online gamer adding a fake clan tag in front of his name so other people will think he is more experienced than he actually is. Examples can typically be found on your average Call of Duty or Counter-Strike server.
John: Damn, that guy has like 6 clan tags! He must be awesome!
Rob: Nah, ignore him, he's just shamtagging.
by Aj.Hatch February 24, 2010
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