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The gaggle of church ladies running the serving line at the Lenten fish fry on Friday's. They are armed with tongs in one hand and an icecream scoop in the other for side dishes. The flowered apron is optional.
1. The God cod squad gave me an extra scoop on mac n' cheese with my fish this time!

2. My mom used to work on the God cod squad until she was scalded by steam from the green bean tray.
by AimsterDC March 27, 2009
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A reference to the multitude of fish fries happening every Friday during lent, particularly in the heavily Catholic Southside of St. Louis
1. Hey--I'm going to St. Cecilia's for God cod this Friday. Wanna go?

2. I couldn't possibly go out for icecream after eating my weight in God cod at St. Gabe's.
by AimsterDC March 27, 2009
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Food items cooked and kept warm on rollers, such as hot dogs, taquitos and hot links. They are usually under $1 and completely devoid of any nutrition.
I'm starving and I only have $1, what can I eat?? I'll hit the roller chow at QT.
by AimsterDC February 11, 2010
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Similar to etyomolgy which explains the origin of a word and it's meaning, Ghettomology explains the origin of ghetto slang words.
"Hey, don't dis me fool."

The Ghettomology for the word 'dis' explains that it is the shortened version of the word disrespect.
by aimsterdc September 23, 2009
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