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Fanfiction/Fandom term. A pairing or situation that one finds utterly repulsive.
Kiddy porn squicks me in the worst way.
by Aika November 08, 2003

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A Really Small Dick.
Please! Don't cut off my little peen! It may not look like much, but it's all I got!
by Aika December 21, 2005

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When someone wants to make brownies into which they have cooked their own feces in order to prank someone they have decided is no longer their friend.
Joe:Dude, I wanna make brownies.

Bob:Good idea, we'll give 'em to Carl. I'm getting sick of Carl.
by Aika March 04, 2010

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When something is done in a funky manner. usually used when funky is refered to as strange or weird.
Why is he dressed so Funkily?
by Aika December 31, 2005

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1.When someone is being an extreme loser, or doing something that only an extreme loser would do.

2.An area where several bum fuck people convene. (these places often emit a bum fuck aura.)
"That guy is a bum fuck."

"why are you watching the disney channel? You're 17 years old. God damn it! You're having a Bum Fuck."

"All the cool people left that spot, and now only the bum fuck remains."
by Aika April 26, 2006

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Where a group of males (usually two or more) stand at adjacent urianls, and hold hands whilst at least one is peeing. There can be as many guys standing in a conga line, there can even be more than there are urinals, only one of them has to be peeing for it to be a conga line.

Pronounced CONE GAH LINE
*man walks into room, and see's two other guys, standing at adjacent urinals. they arent having a conga line, but the man decides he wants to have one*
Man: HEY! CONGA LINE! You guys got room for a third?!
by Aika December 21, 2005

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