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Wearing an outfit with an obvious dominate and central color.
Last night I wore a red hat, red shirt and all red shoes. I was definitely splashing.
by Agent_K September 27, 2010

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1. Hip-Hop/Rap song with three verses and three different artists in which the artists on the first and third verse, separated by the second verse artist, express their current conflict/beef/unfamiliarity/etc.
A sandwich track would include something like a song with the Game on 1st verse, Kanye West on 2nd and 50 Cent on 3rd, knowing the whole time that Kanye West doesn't give a shit where he's at on the song, the Game and 50 Cent have had beef off and on for years and they are now on a song together but are obviously showing some sort of distance by they're placement, AND LYRICS, in the song.
by Agent_K April 08, 2010

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1. talk stomping
I tomped that nigga wit my incredible freestyling skills.
by Agent_K April 08, 2010

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