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the damp sensation experienced when you’ve just been for wee but put it away before you’ve properly finished
I was in a rush and i've given myself a Yaxley-Lennon
by Aesgarth August 03, 2018

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The noise made when you punch someone in an 80s style
When batman hit the joker the speech bubble appeared... "T'pau"
by Aesgarth August 10, 2018

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Making up for a natural lack of common sense or ability with the liberal application of enthusiasm.
Did you see Grant fall off the table? he's such an enthusispastic.
by Aesgarth August 07, 2018

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Tommy Robinson is a racist, bigoted hater with a personal agenda against the Muslims living in the UK, an anti-Islam activist and founder of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).
Tommy Robinson is a knob, Why would anyone want to Free Tommy Robinson? He's a self serving racist idiot, Have you heard this guy? he's a real Tommy Robinson
by Aesgarth August 06, 2018

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To release a nasty shit which has been stuck inside.
I wouldn't use the toilet for a while, I just had to free Tommy.
by Aesgarth December 13, 2018

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