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Ok Boomer is a term used to define people who were born in between the years 1944-1964, which is the year of the baby boom, hence the term “boomer”. Ok Boomer is when one of them says something like “Back in my day...” or “We used to...” and a person just says it for fun or if they’re mad. Most commonly used in school in front of old teachers.
Teacher 1: Back in my day, when I was 16, these were the most popular songs! *Plays a song from 1960*.
Class: *In unison* Ok Boomer
by Aecurse November 11, 2019
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A combination of the word femboy and boy toy. Used to describe someone who is both of them
Person 1: Man, Divine is such a fucking femboytoy.
Person 2: Yeah, fuck him.
by Aecurse February 24, 2021
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A term used in an argument where the opposing side agrees to an insult or insults himself after a while in an effort to downplay the argument.
Person 1: Shut the fuck up loser. I bet you’re so fat you can’t see your feet while looking down.
Person 2: Yeah, that’s true lol
Person 1: Yeah turn the other cheek, pussy.
by Aecurse March 16, 2021
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