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Often used in the internet. Instead of saying awesome or wow. You say OMGBBQ!

OMGBBQ is not always a good thing. Sometimes, if something suprising happens, its ok at to say OMGBBQ.
Holy crap! DoD Source comes out soon!

Oh crap, STALKER got delayed. Damn this is the new HL2. Getting delayed and shiz.
by Adriankat September 12, 2005

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The following is a definition of Gerard Way, from a guy's point of view. You read right, a guy, not a teenybopper girl.

Frontman of My Chemical Romance. He's a beautiful singer and he knows how to get the crowd going. He's also a good looking guy. His voice sounds so awesome in songs.

When you hear his ACTUAL regular talking voice, like in interviews, you'll be crushed.
Do things the Gerard Way!
by Adriankat March 09, 2006

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Anything that attracts something. Can be literal or something like chick magnet. Most magnets can attract metal to it.

If strong enough
1.Throw it at someone with a pacemaker.
2.Leave it on train tracks
3.Drop it from a bridge over a freeway and hope it rips through a car roof and penetrates the driver.
4.Crushing people
Dude, she put 2 really strong magnets between my nuts. I'm sure the results are obvious.
by Adriankat March 13, 2006

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