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the only person alive who owned 12m in cs in a 1v5 tourney
by admin January 06, 2003

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1. An adjective meaning "file ripper" or "site ripper".

2. To be gay or love other men with major emotion. Faggot.
1. Your site is looks like blueboi.

2. You fucking blueboi.
by Admin March 02, 2005

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An arabic monkey. Frequently aroused by the presence of other men with larger penises than himself, he likes to touch them up. His hair is somewhat unusual and many people think it is fake.
Stop touching me. You're doing a Houssein!
by admin March 09, 2005

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the clan we used for relax purposes
3d is owned
by admin July 25, 2003

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a stupid fag ass game which is from korea and it sucks balls and every1 who plays it is a fag and noob and loser and have to get a life.
gunbound player1:0mfgz0rz dis game r0x!
gunbound player2:hellz yeah it does!
anti gunbound:0mfgz0rz neebs u m0therphucking playing that stupid fagass game?
by admin March 31, 2005

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Famous online gaming clan. A fine collection of soldiers that have defined a hierarchy of imense success.
There is no example unless you see them.....
by Admin May 30, 2004

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One of the greatest (ex-?)Spammer in Nukezone history!
No shit man, he is spamming like Holy Cow
by Admin December 27, 2003

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