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Lisa Milroy (born 1959 in Vancouver) is a Canadian painter whom now lives and works in the UK. She is known for painting everyday items in the form of rows or grids, she does this in an intimate, isolated and sometimes photographic way. She mainly paints still life. Lisa studied at Université de Paris-Sorbonne (1977 - 1978) briefly before going and staying in London where she then studied at St Martin’s School of Art (1978 - 1979). In 1979 she then studied at University of London (1979 - 1982).
Her first solo exhibition, in 1984, was of small still-life paintings depicting common objects, either singly or in sets. Other works from the 1990s include landscapes, cityscapes and crowds. Crowd (1992; e.g. London, Nicola Jacobs and Tony Schlesinger priv. col.) demonstrates the artist's continued interest in the technical aspect of the painting process, with strokes, dabs, dashes, dots, planes of colour and other painterly marks layering the surface.
Lisa Milroy is an artist concerned more with form in her paintings than with content. She chooses to paint everyday objects but paints them isolated from their original context, unravelling new qualities and meanings and more importantly, a new way of looking at inanimate objects. The objects in her paintings demonstrate explicitly that they are painted rather than photographed. Milroy paints them from memory instead of from direct observation.
The painting "handles" by lisa milroy is outstanding
by AcidicAnnie December 30, 2008
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Alexei Antonov presents his collection of oil paintings and drawings.
Having studied art in Russia, Azerbaijan, and Italy, Alexei has been living in the US since 1990.
Alexei Antonov’s style of painting is as he states “classical”. Classical paintings, though very real, are not to be confused with the contemporary figurative and realistic styles, he also states “My Classical painting is my route to the twenty-first century, and I invite you join me. come with me“.
Classical realism is a creative process of the piece of art with the precise following of the rules and requirements which have been created during Renaissance Epoch and polished up later by the greatest artists from generation to generation.
This piece of art work is one of Alexei’s many still life paintings.
Alexei Antonov is an internet artist
by AcidicAnnie December 30, 2008
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Chris is a proud gay youtuber whom acts in all his videos apart from his "leave britney alone" video which is how he got famous. All of the people who slag him off are stupid and homophobic, Chris Crocker is just letting out his opinion and there's idiots just slagging him off for no reason.
homophobe "err chris crocker is so gay for talking about britney"

me "shut the hell up you ignrant idiot"
by AcidicAnnie December 30, 2008
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