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The worst day for a heller. It's pain in a nutshell. All related to Castiel death and love for Dean.
I hate Thursdays! Tl is all sad about Cas.
by Ace_Vamp April 29, 2021
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Aka. Cis and Hetero. Aka. the "normality" for most parents to raise their children into. Used as a sarcasm term when dealing with queerphobic or/and transphobic people. Not a bad thing per se.
John: WTF, do you mean I'm a cis-hetero man?

David: I mean you are in factory settings.
by Ace_Vamp April 29, 2021
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The worst kind of sin. Loved by most tv shows writers and directors. Really just a way to have lots of fans, that they don't care about.
-I'm tired of all this queerbaiting!

+Me too! Dean and Cas deserved better gosh.
by Ace_Vamp April 29, 2021
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