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Breasts (normally female) that are either so ugly, or so freakin hot, that people who see them (either clothed or not) turn to stone out of sheer shock. Those who do usually don't recover unless they watch some boring political discussion, which usually drops them out of the shocked state.
Jim: "I see that Jenny has some medusa boobs."
James: "How do you know?"
Jim: Didn't you hear? She took her top off for the guys at her party. Nobody could move afterward, they were so hot."
James: "Sweet. Let's play video games."
by Abyss Shark May 25, 2006
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The place of ultimate gaming pleasure. Here, reality becomes warped, and all that matters it the game. You become the game, and the world around you fades into nothingness.
"We were all over at Jack's playing Halo 2 last night, and I looked over at Mark and he was totally lost in the game. The dude had reached Nerdvana."
by Abyss Shark May 21, 2006
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