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When someone is really turned on by feet. It's mostly just guys who get foot fetishes but girls get them too! I'm a girl with a foot fetish. We like to look at a girl or guys sexy feet and fantasize about massaging their soles (I like them soft or normal or I won't mess with them) then smelling their soles since a lot of us like sweaty, smelly feet. We wanna lick their soles up and down and suck their toes and we like to fuck their feet until we cum all over their soles or toes. Yeah, that's what it's like for a lot of us, but it's different for everyone some like bare feet socks tights flats sandals heels etc. and some like big feet some like small male female etc. the list goes on since everyone's different lol and it usually starts at a young age (I was 3 when mine started)
Whenever I'm with my hot friend, especially when he wears sandals, all I wanna do is take off his socks and smell his feet and lick them and suck his toes and hump and fuck his foot until I cum all over it and turn his big black feet white and he would watch me moan and shake. Yeah, thats how I know I got a foot fetish
by AbiLovesFeet26 December 29, 2015

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Loud and wired.

L is for loud and then “ired” from wired. What I am frequently
WHOO!! 5 Frappuccino’s and I’m WHOOSH!! I CAN FLYYYY!!!! I’m LIRED!!

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Quiet and tired.
Don’t mind me, I’m just quired today, that’s why I brought 3 Starbucks Frappuccinos with me to work today to help wake me tf up

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