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An online homework assignment website that will start off by robbing you 50 bucks for a 25 letter serial code, then go on to rape you by applying an exotic method of late penalties. During the first 50 minutes after the due time, usually 11:59 in the evenings for major assignments or 10:00 on the day you have your lecture for reading assignments, 1 percent is taken off for every minute you are late, seconds rounding up. After the first 50 minutes, you the rate of penalty will increase according to an unknown function yet to be reconstructed by me. you will often end up with -1000% with one day's delay.

this particular program is also very sly when it comes to plagerism. in the beginning, it will give all students of a particular class the same question, which encourages you to cheat. Afterwards, it will change the numerical components of a question everytime you tried to do it or show answer after you've completed it.

Due to no notifications, it is very easy to miss an assignment
Ab: What did you get on your mastering physics assignment man?

Horton: Aww shit, there was another oneļ¼Ÿ I dont know, probably around the negative thousands.
by Ab Horton December 02, 2009
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