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A state of mind, usually aquired from a long trip on any subway or metro train, wherein the person feels as if everyone is looking at them.
Dale: Hey bro, what took you so long to get here?

Anton: I don't know man, just chill the fuck out and stop staring at me! I've got mad metro syndrome!
by Aaron Michael December 26, 2007
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Used as a response to an obscene statement, this phrase recalls unpleasant childhood memories wherein mothers would "wash out" a child's mouth with soap as a punishment for using curse words or crude language.
Cristobal: Dude, Jenna was being a total bitch last night. She broke my goddamn Death Star model. That shit was fucking to scale too.

Geraldo: Hey man, I don't care. Wash your mouth.
by Aaron Michael December 11, 2007
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