4 definitions by A_Gamer-Boii

What females produce during their period, normally have to remove the substance into a pad or tampon.

-Andrea, “Oh, I’m just getting rid of my period juice!”
by A_Gamer-Boii December 29, 2018
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Someone who has a right nut prolapse. That’s bound to burst anytime soon.
Hey, you see that Cancer Gay on your right ball?
by A_Gamer-Boii December 15, 2018
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A saying that is overused and is still to this day, injecting cancer into every 13 year old boy verbally. This saying is taking over the fucking world
“Hey Everyone! Bob has a boner!”

Bob- “No you
by A_Gamer-Boii December 15, 2018
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Every 10 year olds dream; the only reasons boys or just horny ass girls, go to school.
Mom- “Hey Bob!, how was your day today?”

Bob- “Oh yeah! Today we did what I’ve been

waiting for since I started school! We’re learning about SEX!”

Sexual Education is the best!
by A_Gamer-Boii December 28, 2018
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