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A code-abbreviation of the word Cross-faded, meaning "To be high and drunk simultaneously".
Last night at the New Year's Eve party, almost everyone was XF'd!!!
by AXISROSE January 01, 2010

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A "Dicktionary" is someone who corrects others on what words are actually supposed to mean. If a person uses a word incorrectly, the Dicktionary is there to not only define the word, but to also recreate your sentence with a better suited word.
Person #1: "I am profusely biting my nails!"
Person #2: "Profusely: 1. pouring forth liberally
2. exhibiting great abundance.

You should have said: You are ferociously biting your nails."
Person #1: "... Thanks, Dicktionary."
by AXISROSE November 03, 2009

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