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INternational Ass Eaters Association
Wow, shes a part of the IAEA, i bet she's really swaggu
by ASSEATER101 June 04, 2017

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A game that started in 2008 and went to shit because of poor advertising, terrible marketing skills, lack of profits, and a poor support team.
Filled with a bunch of faggots.
Most people end up getting banned for external trading because mommy can't spend her entire welfare check for just 35k gold.
I am in a shooting group on Smallworlds, i may be popular online but i get called a faggot at school.
I have my own Smallworlds family because my parents hate me in real so i feel i need to take care of 17 year olds pretending to be 5.
I roleplay on Smallworlds, I also think about death every night.
You all smoking crack if you think Smallworlds will reopen.
by ASSEATER101 April 10, 2018

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