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A person with a high mental capacity, who cannot fight the urge to use his/her intelligence for silliness/entertainment.

Origin - The Caribbean island of Antigua
Jim Carrey is the world's greatest Intelli-dunce because he must be incredibly smart in order to portray such silly characters in his movies.
by APNJW January 18, 2011
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An Antiguan word formed from a combination of the terms Solar-system and Universe, used to describe something that is completely out of this world.
Antiguan State of Mind is the sickest song I've ever heard. Antigua to da Solarverse.
by APNJW January 18, 2011
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An Antiguan term meaning "Hell no! or "No way!". Often used to immediately deny any association with a certain statement or situation.
Does the Pope ride horses?

TAAARL, Rastaman say a man is not supposed to RIDE anything boss.
by APNJW January 21, 2011
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