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Beer FIFA is a drinking game involving any edition of the EA Sports FIFA video game. It is meant for 2 or more players in a head-to-head match up.

The Rules:

-Each player must take a shot of beer when:

- the ball is played out on either sideline

- the goal keeper touches the ball with his hands

(either a save or pick-up)

- When a player commits a foul, they must take a shot of beer

- one shot for a foul

- two shots for a yellow card

- three shots for a red card

- When a goal is scored, each player must take a shot of liquor (may be substituted for three shots of beer)

In the end, we are all winners!

(this game is perfect for pre-gaming for a night out on the town; it is more engaging and more effective than a Power Hour)
"Yo, what are you up to tonight?"

"Probably heading to the bars..."

"Nice, you down for some Beer FIFA before we go out?"

"Hell ya bro!"
by AMizz September 14, 2012
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