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1. The fastest player in the NBA.

2. The starting point guard for the New Jersey Nets.

3. Super sexy basketball player.

4. The Mavericks made the biggest mistake ever when they traded him, a young up and coming point guard, for a washed up Jason Kidd, who will not get them a championship, in fact he wont even get them to the finals...but Devin did in 2006!!

5. One of the top five point guards in the NBA, and in a couple years, he will be the top point guard!!
Mavs fan: Man we barely made the playoffs, and then we lost out Jason Kidd sucks, we want Devin Harris back!

Nets fan: Too bad foos. Jason Kidd was crippling our team with his bad attitude, now hes yalls problem, thanks for the amazing player yall gave us in DH...and did ya notice his numbers have been way up since he came to jersey? Maybe thats cus yall are a bunch of poonjabs and suck big balls.

Mavs fan: Yeah. we suck. yall are awesome, just like Devin.

by AMB** April 11, 2008

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The way that you say MOTHER FUCKER when you are pissed off playing in a golf tournament and cant cuss of you will get disqualified!!!!
(hit a horrible drive that goes into a fairway bunker)
"MOTHER MOTHER, that was the worst MOTHER MOTHERIN drive ever."
by AMB** April 11, 2008

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The absolute BEST player in baseball, and anyone who disagrees is a hater and ya needa stop sippin ya haterade bitches!!! Not only was he a better short stop than Jeter could ever dream of being, but he is now also one of the best third basemens in the game!! And he is the best offensive player for sure, and he will one day be the homerun king, and no he does not use steroids!! And if all his awesomeness on the baseball field wasnt enough, hes also drop dead gorgeous, and can fuck any girl he wants, and still keep his wife, because she knows hes the best shell ever get!!!!!
Arod is the best baseball player, and sexiest, to ever walk to face of the earth, hands down!!!
by AMB** April 11, 2008

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