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(Adj.) Anytime an African American makes another African American preform an act, duty, or service. This practice usually envolves physical labor.

Phil: "Yo Jarrad, go get me that Coco Butter."
Jarrad: "Why you gotta be re-slaving me like that?"
by AJ Cummins April 27, 2008
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The act of leaving an extremely large tip for your waitress and also including your phone number. By taking the money she will feel guilty if she does not call; very similar to that of a Guilt Trip.
AJ: "How much tip did you leave?"
Colin: "50%...and my phone number."
AJ: "You're guilt tipping her, aren't you?"
Colin: "She'll call."
by AJ Cummins April 07, 2008
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1. The male, African American equivalent of Apple-Bottom Jeans. Designed to fit men with large penises.

2. Pants with an inside pocket in the front that comfortably hold a black man's larger than average penis.
"Oh snap girlfriend! Jamal got them Dragon-Tail Jeans on."

"Dragon-Tail Jeans and the boots with the fur..Next thing you know...Jamal got low low low low low."
by AJ Cummins April 07, 2008
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