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a ghost; it has the ability everywhere and nowhere at the same time. it appears only to dissapear. commonly hides in bushes, bathroom stalls, outside of windows, and in the rarest form, under a sheet. graduate of ninja school.
i went to fix my wall locker and i was attacked by a plamondon

last night a plamondon mounted my mom
by AH121 September 09, 2010

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a response to a statement without actually giving a coherent response. Causes the person who said the statement to become confused, befuddled, or angry. either way it makes then shut up and mentally review what they just said so you dont need to listen to them anymore.

lets someone know u owned them without actually telling them
person 1 " hey, someone drank all my beer!"

person 2 "welcome to the game."

person 1 "what game...."
by AH121 January 11, 2011

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The act of grabbing somone by the big toe and twisting it violently causing excruciating, unbearable pain.
He made his girlfriend cry by giving her a german toehog
by AH121 April 08, 2015

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