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To use dipping tobacco
usualy said when you dont want people to know what your doing
or just for short
"Hey Brooks you wanna Hang a D on the monorail"
"hell yeah man"
by A-Tom February 23, 2006

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To go smoke with some freinds or by yourself
usualy said when not wanting anyone to know what your talking about or for short
and its just a fun word to say
you:"Im tired of this shit you wanna go poke"
bud:"yeah man i havent in a while"
some guy" POKE!! poke poke poke"
by A-Tom February 23, 2006

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To get French with someone means to French kiss someone.
- You went out with Lisa right?

- Yeah. She was okay. The most she'd do was get French with me though.

- ... Forget her then.
by A-tom November 30, 2012

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