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A bog in Scotland, populated by about 4 people, most of which are still living in bothys, such as the Suardalan Bothy.
Not many people dare to go to Glenelg without good reason, as to get there, you have to cross the "Mam Ratagan", a hill which isn't difficult to cross for locals, but tourists wet themselves once they get past the carpark on the Ratagan side of the hill.
Nothing really happens there apart from "Drams in the Field" which is mainly just a piss up for lots of Plockton High School people.
Although only 4 people live in Glenelg, there is almost a church per person there - 3.
Calum: Did you see the x-factor last night, Jimmy?
Patrick: No, of course he didn't, they haven't invented the television in Glenelg yet.
by A Glenelgian December 06, 2010
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