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A variation of the blumpkin where a woman receives cunnilingus while she is defocating. This can be intentional or accidental.

Note: For bonus points and so both parties walk away a winner, the cunnilingor can position their own body during a cunnilumpkin to get Hot-Karl on the pecs.
Intentional: Busy Linda preferred the cunnilumpkin to regular oral sex since it accomplished two things at once....just as long as they did it at the bus station so she could just leave her shit smeared all over the seat cushions.

Accidental: Ed was really doing a good job down there and Eva was starting to peak at her orgasm. Ed had all he could do to keep her from squirming off the bed so he squeezed her hips tighter, and thats when it happened. The uninvited cunnilumpkin had ruined the sheets and both of their evening plans.
by A Child Without an Eye October 29, 2004
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The act of climbing the outside of the dividing wall of a public toilet and dropping a duece on an unsuspecting person who is also defocating. This can be dangerous and should be performed with a spotter to avoid injury and should also involve a hasty escape route.

see also Hot Carl Bomb
Garreth was walking through the airport when suddenly his legs cramped and lost all strength. He knew what was coming and it wouldn't be pretty. He hastened to the lavatory, quickly laid down the paper seat, and dropped his trousers. Before he actually made contact with the paper-protected plastic, liquid hot magma sprayed the back of the bowl. As his quivering hamstrings regained their control, Garreth felt relieved and reached for the toilet paper to begin his ascent from the public bowl, and thats when he saw it; a white pimply ass perched over the top of the stall. In pre-wiped frozen horror, he watched as the intruding ass released 12 inches of unholy fecal rope that splatted down onto his right knee. Damn it! If not for the pre-diarrhea leg cramp weakness, he would have been able to avoid this sky shit. On top of everything else, cleaning up his soiled leg took too much time and Garreth missed his connecting flight.
by A Child Without an Eye December 22, 2004
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When a fraternity brother is held squatting over the edge of the frat house roof and drops a
duece toward the earth with the sole intention of his waste landing on a barechested pledge lying prone
below. The poor neophyte must stop the brown bomb from landing on their chest with a plane of see-through glass or plexiglass. Technically, the hot carl bomb only occurs if the plebe fails to block the puck from his pecs.

see also sky shit
Droopy's only hope of avoiding the hot carl bomb lied in the suddenly miniscule 2 foot by 2 foot pane of
glass that seperated him from the puckering pinch above and picking poop peanuts out of his chest hair.
by A Child Without an Eye December 23, 2004
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