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Noun. A person, generally male but can be female, who is native or living in the rural South or Plains States who is poorly educated, unsophisticated and demonstrates a general lack of knowledge, national and world events, of current or historical context.

May also be used as an aggressive insult to someone from South or Plains in a decent job or setting that makes error or mistake. Implies that no matter how far removed from their roots or heritage they may be, they are still inferior to the educated, management, middle or upper middle class as well as the rest of society in general.
Def 1. The county fair in Mingo County West Virginia was attended by a veritable bouillabaisse of backwards-assed country fucks on parade.

Def 2. After Private Jackson, a native of Oklahoma, had set the officer's tent on fire while trying to refuel the space heater, Sgt. Wilhemsen confronted the Private in an aggressive, angry and loud manner shouting: "Private, you have got to be be the stupidest Country Fuck in this man's Army. Food, like oxygen is wasted on you!"
by A Buckeye in New Hampshire August 19, 2010

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a physically large, but not obese woman, that is generally under 30, is sufficiently hot enough to be doable more than once, has a great, fun, personality, and with whom you would not be embarrassed to be seen in public.
Two friends in a bar observe an attractive woman who is a 30 pounds over weight but carries it well on her 5'9" frame. She is vivacious, smiling and laughing in a most appealing way with her friends.

"Yeah she's a little big, but she is very cute and has a great rack! She' definitely Chunky Monkey Bunkie material, I'm going to go chat her up!"
by A Buckeye in New Hampshire September 25, 2010

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