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These unique individuals have characteristics of uptight bitches that don't realize that their life & actions affect other people. Prisscilla's believe they are always right, and their place in society somehow outranks everyone else. A prisscilla cannot take criticism without being extremely butthurt. Most likely during their high school days, they were the jocks making fun of everyone else but never got made fun of themselves due to toddler-like temper tantrums. They always feel that they are too good for their current job. They believe that management made a serious mistake in judging their non-existent pilot talents and skills they supposedly gained while fetching coffee as a first officer for a regional airline. During deployments, a prisscilla will ensure he is overly well equipped with multiple bags/boxes loaded with the latest tacticool clothing, gear and 550 cord accessories. When sharing living conditions, a prisscilla will ensure everyone living there is awake and well aware of their daily activities.
Guy 1: Look at that dude with the tactical scarf whining about the dirty showers!

Guy 2: Yeah he needs to stop being such a prisscilla!
by A non-e mau5 November 07, 2011
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