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Treebeater is a racist and derogatory term used in a similar way to "n*gger." It usually is referring to a stupid African American person. The origin of the word came from a Reddit post about a special species of Chimpanzee that communicated via beating trees. This was quickly converted into a racist joke that compared the monkeys to black people
Terrell: "Hey Luke, go somewhere else. Racism isn't cool."
Luke: "Terrell shut the fuck up you fucking Treebeater, go back to my fucking cotton field and beat a tree.
by A Cool Kid IRL July 2, 2015
Your whole entire fucking childhood thrown into a box for just 60 bucks. Oh yeah it also comes with access to the Halo 5 Beta and has an MLG playlist, what more could you ask for? If you own the MCC you will be the coolest kid on the block, guaranteed.
Jimmy: Hey Paul you faggot 1v1 me on Halo 2 right now
Paul: No you're just gonna BXR and camp with the sword the whole game
Jimmy: Then let's play Halo 3 you pussy
Paul: Yeah but I don't know where my mom put the Halo 3 disc
Jimmy: Paul you fucking BK random it's all on one disc with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
Paul: Holy fuck that's so cool Jimmy
by A Cool Kid IRL October 17, 2014