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A complicated term for the word slut
Arienne: Jenna, how many guys did you sleep with during last night's party at Parys' place?
Jenna: Just 12 guys and 3 lesbians, Arienne.
Arienne: oh my god Jenna, you're such a slut.
Jenna: You mean I'm Sex Positive, Arienne.
Arienne: that's just a term that sluts created because they are cowards who are ashamed of owning their reality
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by 74hr8eu8r December 19, 2019

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An extremely sensitive person usually found on social media who spends their day getting offended about everything they see and reporting it to the site admin/moderation team.
He's such a delicate little petal that gets hurt so easily, every time he sees something he disagrees with he reports it as harassment to get it removed. Petals are like dictators they love censorship.
by 74hr8eu8r April 08, 2019

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