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Bands who are normally pretty good, but whose fans are mainly complete fucktards, who for some reason don't want their favourite bands to be make lots of money and be rewarded for their hard work. because the fans are so obsessed with their own image and can't stand to be different from any other hardcore fan. Fucking grow up! Be your own person you pleb. same goes for all of you scene kids, be yourself not every other scene kid. i would say same for chavs, but they can't read, so i'd be wasting my time.
Me "i like atreyu"

Some hard-core guy "you can't! then everyone will know them and they won't be good!"
well fucking news flash! Hardcore Bands make music videos! those very same music videos get played on tv on music channels such as Scuzz and (untill it began to suck) Kerrang!
by 666Ninja June 05, 2007
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Commonly beleived to be the number of the beast/devil. Wrong, the supposed number of the beast is 61616. it was shortened by some people, can't remember what group of people did it though, archiolygists maybe, but it was like 3000 years ago
Member of iron maiden "i'm in a shit band, and we just wrote a shit song called 'Number of the Beast' and its all about the number 666"

Me "well tough titties, you suck, and your song lyrics are wrong"
by 666Ninja June 05, 2007
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One of the shittest bands to walk the earth. EVER! Many say they are emo, these people are known more comonly as retards. listen the utterly shite lyrics of panic! is there anything remotely emo there?? No you douchebags. They are not emo, they a pop band for 7 year old girls.
Much like:
Backstreet Boys
Fall Out Boy
"I hate Panic! At The Disco, They are emo."

"No, you complete fuck-bag, they are pop, however i will forgive you because they suck. Some emo music can be good like silverstein or atreyu."

Please stay metal everyone. Say No to chavs!
by 666Ninja June 05, 2007
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