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A wealthy, always liberal mother who believes in eating organic foods and usually has two or more children.

She likes wearing tribal-themed wood necklaces from places in Africa that she donated charity to, and tends to have a very earthy color palette pertaining to fashion. She doesn't have to do yoga, but likes to engage in activities like gardening, working in the community, and driving her very big car to various other stay-at-home yogamom's houses.

Yogamom is also very self-righteous and secretly despises other people who don't take part in the activities mentioned above. Yogamom is a hippie, but is not hip.

When using the word "Yogamom" one must never add articles such as "a" or "the". It's just yogamom.
Giving her children Luna bars and eco-water bottles in her car, Lisa had turned into yogamom.
by 45dc6787gb November 15, 2011
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