2 definitions by 420smange

this is the girl who looks incredibly good in hats.. like ball caps, snapbacks, fitted, trucker, ANYTHING ;)
who was that Hat Girl at that party? she was really good looking!
by 420smange June 15, 2011
That hot chick always WASTED at the party. Most times wears a drinking hat (otherwise known as the "Hat Girl" before knowing the real smange). This girl swears a lot! and also doesnt give a FUCK ... A LOT! She will out smoke you in bongs and, depending on your talents, kick yo ass in beerpong.

You could also find this girl passed out at the end of the night in a totally random location!
yo that chick must have been SMANGED last night, she broke her cell phone with a skateboard!!
by 420smange June 15, 2011