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An exclamation, similar to HoYay! uttered when any people are exhibiting slash-worthy tendencies. Or even if they're not. accompanied by pointing.
Josh: I think my brother is wearing Adam's jumper. Again.
Everyone: slashslashslash!
Josh: ...AAARRGHH!!! Stop slashing my brother!!
by 4*0$@l13 March 03, 2008

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To have issues, one who has issues. Accompanied by a hand movement -'issUEZ'.
Also, my psychotic cat.
Eleanor: Rosalie, why did your cat just jump on my face?
Rosalie: Oh, sorry. She's kinda teh issuez cat.

Emma: The Ketchup Kid was even angstier than usual yesterday...
Rosalie: God, he is SUCH an issuez cat!

by 4*0$@l13 March 03, 2008

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