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That one guy that hangs out with you and thinks you're his friend, but you make him buy everything for you.
(at the restaurant)
Hey, skalamooch, get over here! I want some fried chicken!
by 2K January 05, 2006

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Master of all things in time and space. Creator of the universe, and an avid reader of the Wheel of Time series. Post currently occupied by 2k, master of Water.
On the last day, when the Titans fall and all appears lost, flesh to stone and souls to fire, the mortals shall run to the Puppet Master seeking shelter; and so it shall come to pass that they will find an Oasis on the edge of his blade, as daemons walk the earth.
by 2k November 20, 2005

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Getting the white tortilla is like getting the shaft...no one wants to be left with the white tortilla when everyone else has their tomato-basil tortilla.
Fuck, man...you see my paycheck? I got the white tortilla.
by 2K January 05, 2006

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