3 definitions by 24J.A.G24

A term used in drag meaning to slay your performance, work the croud, and (hopefully) plow the whole damn orchard!
"Damn, did you see that 8-count though?"
"Yaas, she is picking the apples hunnie!"
"He is PLOWING the orchard!*
by 24J.A.G24 August 04, 2016
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This term was coined as a catchphrase by the drag queen Jasmine Masters in 2015 and has had a large impact on her fans ever since. Initially, it means the same as "no tea no shade", but it just extends the same term and makes it even better.
"No tea no shade no pink lemonade, but that lace front wig looks like an over-processed toaster strudel."
by 24J.A.G24 September 16, 2017
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