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Fred: Yay. I bought a house worth $200,000. Woohoo!

Government: Okay Fred. Gimme $5000 NOW.

Fred: WTF?

Government: Do you not get it? I said give me $5000 now, and you will do so every year you numbskull. It's called the "property tax". If you don't, I will seize your house.

Fred: What???? But it is my property. Why are you forcibly taking away a part of it.

Government: Because you're my bitch.
by 1nfid3l June 24, 2011
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(n) Money pick-pocketed by the government.
Fred: Why is it that every time I visit the store, I feel like my pocket gets picked?

Wilma: That's the sales tax, dear. The government can do it legally. But if a pickpocket does it, he goes to prison.
by 1nfid3l June 24, 2011
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