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Generally speaking, the smart, creative kids in high school. The ones who do things actually worthwhile rather than tossing a football around and dressing like clones. They don't care about being popular and this pisses the popular people off. Losers tend to be very open minded and caring individuals. As opposed to the superficial, judgemental jocks. Additionally, losers are the real winners of life. After enduring four years of bullshit they get to enjoy a long life of prosperity. It's the opposite for the dipshit jocks who fucked around in school. Its a fair trade off, if you ask me.
Ultimately, most losers will succeed in life.
by 1RevoveR1 March 05, 2006
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Synonymous with the words "beast" and "OD". It means something done in excess. Best used with the word "mad" placed in front of it.
Person 1: "Yo, the cops pulled me over for blowing the stop sign then they saw a roach in the ashtray. They searched my car and found my brick hidden in the glove compartment!"

Person 2: "Thats mad burns!"
by 1RevOver1 May 17, 2006
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