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Kids between the ages of 5 and 12, who say stuff like "sus", and will cry and call you a "hacker" if you win.
If you were born in 2008 or later, you're the Among Us kids (since you were 12 or younger when the game became popular).
by 17cmiller October 27, 2022
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First year college students (typically age 18-19) who think they're hot shit because they just got out of high school and are now legal adults (even though they act no different from a high schooler). They're just college freshman. The bottom of the college food chain.
College Freshman: ''Wow. Oh my god, I'm now a college student. I'm so much better than those inferior high school students. They're just little babies.''
College Senior: ''But weren't you yourself in high school like not even four months ago''

College Freshman: ''OK Boomer''
College Senior: ''I'm only 4 years older than you though''
College Freshman: ''Didn't ask''
(College Senior leaves conversation before they lost anymore brain cells)
by 17cmiller December 25, 2022
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Someone born in 2002/2003, who actually remembers the 2000s (and even spent some of their core childhood in the 2000s yet spent half or more of their childhood in the 2010s) unlike someone born in 2006 going like ''I WUS TREE IN 2009 IM A 2000Z KID'' even though they really wouldn't remember much of that decade if anything at all (while spending basically almost their entire childhood in the 2010s).
2006 born: "IM A HONERERY 2000Z KID''

2003 born: ''But weren't you like 3 when the 2000s ended? What could you possibly remember from the 2000s?''

2006 born: ''......''

2003 born: ''Yeah exactly. You see, childhood is 2/3-12. I spent half of my childhood in the 2000s, therefore I am an honorary 2000s kid. You, on the other hand, are a pure 2010s kid.''
by 17cmiller October 20, 2022
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