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Main character on South Park. Stan is the man. He lives with his mom Sharon, dad Randy, mean abusive sister Shelly, and gay dog Sparky. Has black hair (which he mostly keeps covered by his blue/red fluffball hat) blue eyes, is of the black Irish decent. His best friend is Kyle Broflovski who he'll probably marry someday. Stan is based on South Park creater Trey parker who also does his voice.
Jeremy: Stan kicks ass
Girl on the phone: YEAH!
by 106-9 in the O City January 8, 2005
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Former program director of WNEW New York who got fired for going on the air drunk.
"we're going to stick our hand in the basket, pick out a winner, and we're gonna fuck the winner"

-Frankie Blue
by 106-9 in the O City January 26, 2005
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