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They're ninjas. Professionals – world’s elite warriors. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. There r very few of them. They do more w/ less. They no that a true warrior fights not b/c he h8s wat is in front of him, but b/c he loves wat is behind him. That’s y Marines r first 2 fight by land, air, & sea & last 2 leave. They are trained much harder and longer than the U.S Army, AF, Navy, and Coast Guard b/c their job is 2 go above and beyond a regular warrior. They r more disciplined and no better than giving up. On a mission 2 rescue a hostage, a Marine busted door down. The result? 12 hostiles, 12 headshots, 3 seconds. A Marine is a person who didn't just want 2 settle 4 having a job, but 2 live a life of honor, and not of privilege.
The Marines go in & take over land & then move on; the army comes in to occupy the area and clear up the already dead bodies that the Marines have killed. Marines r experts in the application of violence. They have no fear. They are fear itself. They are well educated ppl who scored well on the ASVAB or would have settled for the Army. Most of them have some sort of college degree. Unlike the Army, the USMC doesn’t take any high school drop outs.
Marines r born from loyalty, love of neighbor & country & a desire 2 protect & safeguard. Their actions r precise, principled, determined and committed 2 act selflessly 4 the benefit 4 others. Always faithful. There is no better friend, no worse enemy than a U.S Marine.
Air Force: Hi, I'm Air Force and I don't do shit. I'm scared of wars. I'm going to go back to my hotel and get pampered some more. You can call me Chair Force if you want because all I do is sit in my office and get fatter.
Navy: Hi Air Force, I'm Navy and I like blow jobs. I like seamen, especially on my face and in my asshole.
Army: Oh, that's cool. I like to sleep and make the Marines do all the work. Marines are so cool. I wish I was one of them but I'm army strong. Marines are way stronger than pussy ass army strong.
by 1039LOL1039 April 27, 2011

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