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A word mainly used by salty kids in Roblox or any online game. It's a word that's always used the wrong way. People always think Noob means stupid, trash, etc. But the actual definition is new player.
The wrong way:
P2: My account is older than you

The right way:
P1: Hi guys sorry if I'm bad I am a noob
P2: It's fine just hope you're not the last player
by 00ChopDatNigga00 October 13, 2018

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Literally the cancerous game ever played by 5-13 year olds, where people make sex games OD and other cancerous shit. No wonder they removed adopt and raise. This is typically what you see In every fucking server:
Shygirl1443: 123 for s3x
R1chm4n: 123! 123! 123!
Shygirl1443: ok come
R1chm4n: *#####* oh yea *does it fast*
Shygirl1443: oh yeah ughughugh ugh *gets pregan*
XxDatBoixX: Oh dear God, COULD YOU NOT
R1chm4n: shut up nub my dad werks for Roblox I'll make hm banned u stuped nub
Shygirl1443: yea nub ########
XxDatBoixX: I'm sure he does...
R1chm4n: sht up por nub at least I hav robux
xXYEETXx: :ban R1ch, Shygirl
XxDatBoixX: Thank god!
by 00ChopDatNigga00 October 13, 2018

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Before you call someone a dumb american its how us Irish people say ass.
"There's a needle in my arse" - Jacksepticeye

"You fucking arsehole"
by 00ChopDatNigga00 February 17, 2018

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