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When people in a first world aren't hungry, but they are bored, so they shall eat.
Guy: I'm bored. Maybe eating these fries will suffice my urgent need!
Guy 1 After Giant Binge: And that was how I acquired First World Hunger. Ahh...
by 0/\/'/>< October 28, 2012
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When your mom/spouse/friend leaves you alone in the room with a person you just met and it's getting way too awkward. Default friends are usually started if you know the person who left you is going to be gone for a while.
You start to talk; and gee, what do you know- a Default Friend has been made!
I left Barbara in the kitchen with my new friend Bobert while I went out to mow the lawn. By the time I was back, they were already exchanging numbers! What Default Friends.
by 0/\/'/>< October 03, 2012
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Essentially taking any song in the known universe and adding a crappy backbeat to it.
Guy 1: Why is this piano music so un-catchy?
Guy 2: It must be the electro remix.
by 0/\/'/>< September 15, 2012
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